¡Cine Magnífico! Screening: Al otro lado del muro

Thursday, September 06, 2018 | 12:00 pm - 01:30 pm

UNM Student Union Building (SUB) Theater


Join us as the 2018 ¡Cine Magnífico! Latino Film Festival comes to campus with a free screening of Al Otro Lado del Muro, an emotionally gripping documentary about a Honduran family living with looming deportation fears and family separation in Mexico City.

When their mother is sentenced to 10 years in a Mexican prison on questionable charges, teenagers Rocío and Ale are left with no choice but to play the role of both mother and father to their two younger siblings. As Honduran immigrants living in Mexico, they lack work papers, making opportunities for employment scarce. While the oldest, Ale, tries his best to make rational decisions for the good of the family, the pressure mounts. Finances are tight; his girlfriend is expecting and his sister Rocío is testing her teenage boundaries, wanting less responsibility and more freedom. Fearing she may get herself into trouble, Ale clamps down and tensions between them escalate. As apprehensions about the future intensify, Ale must make the difficult decision between keeping the family together in Mexico or breaking them apart to cross the US border for work.

La relación entre Ale (18) y Rocío(13) se enfrenta al mayor de los desafíos cuando su madre es encarcelada y sentenciada injustamente. Desde ese momento tendrán que tomar el papel de padre y madre de sus dos hermanos pequeños. Al principio se lo toman con disposición y buen humor prometiendo ayudarse el uno al otro para mantener a la familia unida. Pero como inmigrantes ilegales de Honduras, su derecho a vivir, trabajar o estudiar en México está en riesgo. Pronto, el muro que les separa de su madre dará lugar a otras barreras emocionales que impedirán que los hermanos sean capaces de ponerse en el lugar del otro.Pero justo cuando la relación entre los hermanos es más difícil, aparecerá una nueva esperanza.

About ¡Cine Magnífico!

Albuquerque has positioned itself as a creative and inclusive city where our community can experience a cultural exchange and participate in the many inspiring events organized by the numerous local organizations.

¡Cine Magnífico! was created to further encourage cultural interactions and awareness through the lens of Latin America and Spanish cinema. It has always been about, but especially now in the face of today's political and social climate, covering the issues that exist in our own communities. It seeks to aim a light at comunidades latinas in the US and elsewhere to “endow them with visibility”. This is the magic of cinema: visibility - the truest sense of cinematic and visual arts. Our own lives - our shared joys and concerns - shine through the screen, along with elegant music scores, true characters, stunning settings, gorgeous costumes, and well-told stories.

Organized by Instituto Cervantes of Albuquerque, the festival showcases a diverse set of films, from award-winning to local and up-and-coming filmmakers. This year's screenings will take place at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, the Kimo Theater, the Guild Cinema and the UNM SUB Theater. The LAII is a proud educational partner of the festival. 


Campus screenings are free and open to the public. Other screenings throughout the film festival are ticketed. Please see the festival website for more information.


Instituto Cervantes of Albuquerque, Latin American and Iberian Institute