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Following the long tradition of faculty co-governance at UNM, the LAII relies on broadly representative committees to guide its programs.

Five committees provide guidance: the Executive Committee, the Grants and Awards Committee, the Interdisciplinary Committee on Latin American Studies, the K-12 Teacher Advisory Committee, and the Operations Committee. Appointment processes vary by committee, as outlined in our governing documents:

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the president, vice-president, and secretary of the Faculty Concilium, six representatives elected by the Faculty Concilium, and a student member elected by SOLAS. All serve two-year terms, with the possibility of re-election. No more than four faculty members of the committee may be from any one college. Duties of the Executive Committee are to consult with and advise the LAII director regarding the mission, strategy, and priorities of the Institute, generate proposals for interdisciplinary research and outreach initiatives, and make decisions on major policy questions.

Allison Borden, President
Educational Leadership
Marygold Walsh-Dilley, Vice President
Honors College and Geography
Luis Herràn Àvila, Secretary
José Cerrato, Representative
Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Eleuterio Santiago-Diaz, Representative
Spanish and Portuguese
Rosa Vallejos, Representative
Carlos López Leiva, Representative
Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies
Jennifer Tucker, Representative
Community and Regional Planning
Margaret Jackson, Representative
Art History
Natalia Vidal, Representative
Anderson School of Management
Dominic Baca, Representative

Grants & Awards Committee

The Grants and Awards Committee consists of one representative for each department or professional program that offers a graduate concentration on Latin America or that maintains a dual degree with Latin American Studies, and a student member elected by SOLAS. Graduate units are asked to select their representatives by faculty vote. Duties of the Grants and Awards Committee are to review proposals, applications and nominations for LAII field research awards for graduate students and faculty and LAII PhD fellowships, and to oversee the award process.

Ronda Brulotte, Chair
Latin American and Iberian Institute
Ronda Brulotte, Representative
Latin American Studies
Ana R. Alonso-Minutti, Representative
Music, Fine Arts
Joseph Cook, Representative
Mary Rice, Representative
Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies
Les Field , Representative
Marc-Tizoc Gonzalez, Representative
Francisco Soto, Representative
College of Population Health
Susana Martinez Guillem, Representative
Communication and Journalism
Enrique Sanabria, Representative
Chris Duvall, Representative
Claudia Díaz Fuentes, Representative
Miguel Lopez, Representative (Fall 2019)
Spanish and Portuguese
Santiago Vaquera-Vasquez, Representative (Spring 2020)
Spanish and Portuguese
Sara Marcela Beltran-Caro, Representative

Interdisciplinary Committee on Latin American Studies (ICLAS)

The Interdisciplinary Committee on Latin American Studies (ICLAS) is the faculty governance body of the LAS program. The committee is composed of 8 to 10 full-time faculty members appointed by the Dean of Arts and Sciences for two-year terms (which may be renewed). The Dean also appoints one graduate student representative who serves a one-year term (which may be renewed). The Associate Director of Academic Programs chairs the committee. The ICLAS Policy Manual provides more information on the structure, governance, and duties of the committee.

Ronda Brulotte, Chair
Latin American Studies
Ana Alonso-Minutti
Music/Fine Arts
Sergio Ascencio
Political Science
Frances Hayashida
Elizabeth Hutchison
Devon Lara
SOLAS Representative
Manuel Montoya
International Management
Eva Rodríguez González
Spanish and Portuguese
Patricia Rosas Lopátegui
Chicana/Chicano Studies
Marygold Walsh-Dilley
Honors College
William Stanley, Ex-Oficio
Latin American and Iberian Institute

K-12 Teacher Advisory Committee

The LAII Teacher Advisory Committee is composed of New Mexico educators who serve the vital role of guiding LAII K-12 community education programs. Committee members assist the LAII by expressing classroom instructional needs; reviewing and evaluating existing LAII activities; and developing recommendations for enhancing and expanding resources. Given the LAII's collaboration with institutions across the country, the committee has the potential for national as well as local impact. Interested in joining the LAII Teacher Advisory Committee? Contact Marleen at

Marleen Linares Gonzalez, Chair
Latin American and Iberian Institute
Corina Fraire-Duran
Cochiti Elementary School
Kaycie Robinson
Hoover Middle School
Maria Sheldon
Ortiz Middle School
Candice Stanford
Eugene Field Elementary School

Operations Committee

The Operations Committee consists of six or more faculty members and one student member elected by SOLAS which elects its own chair. Members are chosen by the Executive Committee from a list of individuals who volunteer or are nominated to serve for a period of one year. The purpose of this committee is to facilitate community engagement in the area of Latin American Studies via the generous funding from the state of New Mexico. This committee receives and processes requests for funds for programs, public events, lectures, and conferences. It also solicits and reviews manuscripts submitted by graduate students and faculty for the LAII Research Paper Series. Finally, the Operations Committee advises the UNM Libraries Latin American Collections and oversees the Visiting Library Researcher program funded by the Greenleaf Visiting Scholar Fund. Service on this committee offers members the opportunity to make an impact for UNM in Latin American Studies scholarship and outreach, both nationally and internationally.

Stephanie Beene
University Libraries
Emily Lena Jones
Heather Edgar
Wally Gallart
Student Organization on Latin American Studies
Miguel López
Spanish and Portuguese
Barbara Reyes
Paulo Dutra
Spanish and Portuguese