Mezcal, Tequila & Sotol: A Conversation About Supporting Mexican Craft Spirits in the Global Economy

Graciela Angeles - Ricardo Pico - William Scanlan, III - Clayton Szczech, Distillery Representatives

Thursday, April 26, 2018 | 12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

Latin American and Iberian Institute

801 Yale Blvd NE (campus building #165)


Join us for a panel presentation with invited speakers who represent a range of organizations producing craft spirits in Mexico.

Four world-renowned producers in the Mexican distillate industry will be joining us for a discussion on the state of Mexican distillates and trends in craft economy.  They will join us as part of a collaborative effort at UNM to integrate craft expertise with socio-cultural inquiry and international management strategy.

Speakers include: Graciela Angeles, fourth-generation Oaxacan mezcal maker and representative of Real Minero; Ricardo Pico, former brand ambassador of Hacienda de Chihuahua Sotol and founder of the artisanal brand Sotol Clande; William Scanlan III, owner of Austin, Texas-based importing company Heavy Metl Premium Imports; Clayton Szczech, founder of Experience Tequila / Experience Mezcal and co-founder of La Cata, the first and only independent tequila tasting bar in Tequila, Jalisco.

The speakers will also engage with the community through two other events, including:


This event is free and open to the public.


Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce, Anderson School of Management, International Business Students Global, Latin American and Iberian Institute (with support from the US Department of Education Title VI)