BOOK TALK: Creating Third Spaces of Learning for Post-Capitalism: Lessons from Educators, Artists, and Activists in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gary L. Anderson and Ana Inés Heras

Thursday, October 05, 2023 | 03:00 pm

Latin American and Iberian Institute

801 Yale Blvd. NE (campus building #165)


This is a hybrid event - in person at the Latin American and Iberian Institute at UNM, and via Zoom (link accessed through Register Now tab above). Join us as we host authors Gary L. Anderson and Ana Inés Heras who will be presenting their new book Creating Third Spaces of Learning for Post-Capitalism: Lessons from Educators, Artists, and Activists.


In this book, the authors’ post-capitalist approach to change focuses less on what we need to dismantle and more on what educators and activists are building in its place. Studying schools and other social organizations in the Global South and North (Buenos Aires, Argentina and NYC), the authors identify and examine some of the most interesting counter hegemonic spaces in both formal and informal education today. They view these spaces through a lens of what Gloria Anzaldua and Homi Bhabha call borderlands or “third spaces.” These third spaces are created in-between our lived cultural and social identities (first space) and the dominant culture that seeks to define us (second space). This book seeks to better understand how these third spaces conceive of learning, how they are created, the range of experiences among them, the obstacles they face, how they are sustained over time, and how they have built global networks of solidarity. The creation of global networks of third spaces not only signals a shift in progressive political strategy but also an expansion of what counts as spaces that are educational.


Gary L. Anderson is a former high school teacher and principal, who is currently professor emeritus of Educational Policy and Leadership at New York University. Throughout his career, he has explored the effects of neoliberal capitalism on schooling, professionalism, leadership, policy, and social activism. He has worked, lived, studied and done research in Mexico and Argentina. His most recent book is Creating third spaces of learning for post-Capitalism: Lessons from educators artists and activists with Dipti Desai, Ana Inés Heras, & Carol Anne Spreen (2023, Routledge).  


Ana Inés Heras is a Professor and National Researcher (CONICET) at Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA. Her areas of expertise are interactional sociolinguistics and ethnography. She works with self-governed groups in Argentina (e.g. workers´cooperatives, community centers, social cooperatives to support integration of people who suffer from mental health issues) and does co-elaborative research, teaching and outreach. She coordinates the Programa "Aprendizaje de y en Autogestión" She is also the acting president of INCLUIR and sits at the International Community Economies Institute Board.


This event is free and open to the public.