Teaching COP26 and Indigenous Activism in the Classroom

Thursday, April 28, 2022 | 04:30 pm


The University of New Mexico’s Latin American & Iberian Institute (LAII) will be hosting a free professional development workshop for educators to explore the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Convention of Parties (COP26).

We are very excited to be joined by Dr. Andreas Hernandez, who will be conducting a presentation during the first half of the workshop. Dr. Hernandez’ research, filmmaking and teaching examines just transitions to sustainability and regeneration. His focus is on social movements and ecovillages in Brazil, and their construction of agroecological systems and emergent politics and worldviews. He also examines how social movement activity can be translated and implemented into social policy and may engage with the United Nations System. 

In this presentation, Dr. Hernandez will provide a background on the United Nations System, its history, and its global role. He will also provide an overview of the Paris Agreement. Combined, this presentation will provide educators with the background needed to engage with this topic in the classroom.

Following the presentation by Dr. Hernandez, the workshop will present opportunities for educators to apply the knowledge learned in the context of teaching COP26, and allied Indigenous climate activism, in the classroom. Educators will participate in simulated classroom activities taken from lesson plans created by the LAII.

These include activities that explain the COP (What is it? What happened? Why is it important?) and a stimulated conference/debate activity mirroring the COP process. Additionally, a media literacy lesson plan will be presented which prepares students to critically analyze content featured in the media, focusing on COP26 and Indigenous climate activism.

This workshop connects to the broader theme of this spring semester by centering Indigenous voices, experiences, power, and activism as it pertains to climate justice. It provides educators with pertinent resources to approach the topic of COP26 which have the potential to stimulate students to think about climate globally and realize their potential to protect our planet.

The resources presented at this workshop are targeted at high school students but can be applied to all classrooms with adaptation.


This event is free and open to the public.