Para Todos: Teaching Immigration & Activism in the K-12 Classroom

Alejandra Domenzain

Friday, October 22, 2021 | 03:30 pm



Join the University of New Mexico’s Latin American & Iberian Institute for an evening of free professional development as we explore how to teach immigration and activism in the K-12 classroom. We will be joined by Alejandra Domenzain, author of Para Todos. Alejandra grew up in Mexico and the United States. She has been an advocate for immigrant workers for over 25 years, and also worked as an elementary school teacher. Currently, she is dedicated to improving workplace health and safety for low wage workers. Alejandra is using her green pen to write books that invite kids to question, dream, and stand up for justice.


As part of this series, the LAII also participated in a panel discussion/workshop organized by UnidosUS, a civil rights and advocacy organization. A vibrant social justice movement led largely by young activists is keeping immigration, racial justice, and other important movements in the headlines. As teachers and community-based educators, we can help youth learn about these issues and develop the skills they need to be civically engaged. Discover curriculums and best practices for integrating social justice from the University of New Mexico and UnidosUS Affiliate, Cesar Chavez Foundation, in a conversation moderated by Alejandra Domenzain, immigrant worker rights advocate and author of "For All/Para Todos".