My Story Isn’t Fiction: The Making of East of Flatbush, North of Love

Danielle Brown

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 | 04:00 pm

Virtual event


In 2014, Danielle Brown, Ph.D. left her tenure-track position at Syracuse University to start her company, My People Tell Stories. Her first project, East of Flatbush, North of Love: An Ethnography of Home, was not only an ode to her cultural heritage, but also a reaction to academic narratives about Black, Indigenous, People of Color. In this talk, Dr. Brown discusses her reasons for leaving academia and writing East of Flatbush, North of Love, her push against narratives that suggest Black, Indigenous, People of Color cannot be objective when telling their stories, and the importance of disseminating information about Black, Indigenous, People of Color in ways that go beyond traditional academic texts.

Founder & CEO of My People Tell Stories, Danielle Brown is an artist, scholar, and entrepreneur. Brown earned a doctorate in Music from New York University with a concentration in ethnomusicology and specialization in the music of Latin America and the Caribbean. She is a former Assistant Professor of Music History and Cultures at Syracuse University, and has lectured at various colleges and universities. She has worked with elementary, middle, and high school students, and is certified in the Kodály method. In addition, Brown is an active vocalist, cuatro player, and composer. She is the author of the music-centered ethnographic memoir, East of Flatbush, North of Love: An Ethnography of Home, and the East of Flatbush, North of Love: Teacher Guidebook. Brown is a 2018 NYSCA/NYFA Fellow in Folk/Traditional Arts, and is a Visiting Lecture at Stanford University for Winter Quarter 2021.


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