Cántame Film Screening & Director Discussion

Trevor Meier, filmmaker; Alejandro Tomás Rodriguez and Dominika Laster, Theatre and Dance Department, University of New Mexico

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 | 02:00 pm

Virtual event



Cántame is feature documentary from Trevor Meier that explores the inner world of Casa Talcahuano, a theatre group in Buenos Aires that searches for the inner life of ancient songs and texts and follows their vibration into movement. The film is about magical transcendence pursued through a difficult and precise process of creative work. It’s a sublimity so joyful, so attractive and even healing that, pursued properly, it becomes a participatory elixir. The film follows a group of artists that find a reliable, repeatable pathway to this indescribable, universally desirable thing: not a state, not static, not something you can buy; it’s attainable only through praxis, participation, mastery and submission to the process. Special, precious and rare, this magical transcendence is on full display in the film.

Trevor Meier is a documentary filmmaker, photographer, writer and full-time nomad. He travels to spend time with the most interesting people and places. He listens to others’ stories with an open heart, to grow and to learn new ways of being. He loves to find different points of view and share what he learns. Trevor has made three feature-length and many short documentaries along the way. If all goes well, he’ll spend a lifetime making more. Originally from Canada, he now carries everything he needs to live and work in a backpack sized to fit under the seat of an airplane.

Alejandro Tomás Rodriguez is an Argentinean actor, theatre director, teacher, singer and song writer. In 2001 he obtained his BFA in Acting and then completed one year of postgraduate studies in Art Theory at Escuela Provincial de Teatro y Títeres in Rosario, Argentina. His field of expertise includes devised theatre, community engagement, voice, movement, Latinx performance and diverse styles and techniques within contemporary performance practice. He is currently the lead vocalist and songwriter of the Argentinean/French music band ENGINE. Before moving to Albuquerque, Alejandro was the Artistic Director of the international theatre ensemble Casa Talcahuano in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he also worked as an actor. He was a UNM Visiting Lecturer starting in Spring 2018 and in Fall 2020 Alejandro was appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Theatre and Dance Department at UNM.

Dominika Laster is Associate Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of New Mexico. She is the Books Section Editor of TDR: The Drama Review (TDR) and Co-Editor of European Stages. She is the author of Grotowski’s Bridge Made of Memory: Embodied Memory, Witnessing and Transmission in the Grotowski Work (2016).


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