The Chile Reader Co-Edited by UNM Historian

December 16, 2013

In Fall, 2013, Dr. Elizabeth Q. Hutchison, Associate Professor in the UNM Department of History, announced the release of "The Chile Reader: History, Culture, Politics." This anthology is co-edited by Dr. Hutchison, alongside Dr. Thomas Miller Klubock of the University of Virginia, Dr. Nara B. Milanich of Barnard College, and Dr. Peter Winn of Tufts University.

The Chile Reader makes available a rich variety of documents spanning more than five hundred years of Chilean history. Most of the selections are by Chileans; many have never before appeared in English. The history of Chile is rendered from diverse perspectives, including those of Mapuche Indians and Spanish colonists, peasants and aristocrats, feminists and military strongmen, entrepreneurs and workers, and priests and poets. Among the many selections are interviews, travel diaries, letters, diplomatic cables, cartoons, photographs, and song lyrics.

Texts and images, each introduced by the editors, provide insights into the ways that Chile's unique geography has shaped its national identity, the country's unusually violent colonial history, and the stable but autocratic republic that emerged after independence from Spain. They shed light on Chile's role in the world economy, the social impact of economic modernization, and the enduring problems of deep inequality. The Reader also covers Chile's bold experiments with reform and revolution, its subsequent descent into one of Latin America's most ruthless Cold War dictatorships, and its much-admired transition to democracy and a market economy in the years since dictatorship.

The Chile Reader is the latest volume in Duke University Press' Latin American Reader Series, a collection which provides readers with a deep, human view of Latin America's many faces. Each volume will focus on a single country and cover the main themes in its history and contemporary life, including migration and urbanization, racial and ethnic diversity, art and culture, war and political strife, women's rights, the environment, economic reform, and democracy. Bringing together the best and most engaging work by scholars, journalists, novelists and poets. In addition to first-person testimonies by peasants, shopkeepers, refugees, political activists, and others whose voices too often go unheard, these books will reflect the current thinking about a country. They will also be vivid, highly readable, and accompanied by a variety of images, including photographs, drawing, and maps-thus of interest to lay readers and travelers, in addition to scholars.

To see a preview of The Chile Reader, visit Scribd, a subscription-based digital library service.

Information concerning the reader was provided courtesy of (Duke University Press.