LAII Awards Ph.D. Fellowships

May 3, 2013

The Latin American & Iberian Institute (LAII) is pleased to announce the recipients of the LAII's 2013-2014 Ph.D. Fellowships. Congratulations to:

  • Corey Ragsdale (Anthropology)
  • Margaret Watson (Anthropology)
  • Gustavo Larach (Art History)
  • Shawn Austin (History)
  • Julian Dodson (History)
  • Rebecca Ellis (History)
  • Carson Emily Morris (History)
  • Grant Burrier (Political Science)
  • Michael Wolff (Political Science)
  • Rachel Elizabeth Spaulding (Spanish & Portuguese)

As part of the LAII's mission to create a stimulating environment for the production and dissemination of knowledge of Latin America and Iberia at UNM, each spring the LAII Grants and Awards Committee - composed of LAII-affiliated faculty from across campus - awards ten Ph.D. fellowships to exemplary doctoral students whose scholarship focuses on Latin America. Award of a fellowship indicates the committee's strong confidence in a student's potential for excellence. The fellowship provides resident tuition and a stipend.

Visit the LAII's website for more information about Ph.D. Fellowships.