UNM Visiting Scholars and Research Associates

Our work at the LAII is embedded within a local, regional, national, and international community of scholars focused on Latin America and Iberia. We welcome affiliated scholars who seek to enhance those contributions and connect with the people and resources at UNM.

In addition to Greenleaf Visiting Library Scholar, the LAII offers two designations to its affiliated scholars: Visiting Scholar and Research Associate. Visiting Scholar is a title reserved for scholars who are visiting the University and participating in some way in its teaching or research functions, while Research Associate is a title used for independent researchers whose primary function is to conduct individual research or collaborate with university researchers. 


Current and Recent 


Photo: Patricia Basile

Patricia Basile

Research Associate

Photo: O'Neill  Blacker-Hanson

O'Neill Blacker-Hanson

Research Associate

Photo: Lance  Blyth

Lance Blyth

Research Associate

Photo: Thomas  Chavez

Thomas E. Chavez

Research Associate

Photo: Francine  Cronshaw

Francine Cronshaw

Research Associate

Photo: Ryan  Hechler

Ryan S Hechler

Research Associate

Tulane University

Photo: Stanley  Hordes

Stanley M. Hordes

Research Associate

Photo: Larry  Larrichio

Larry Larrichio

Research Associate

Photo: Merideth  Paxton

Merideth Paxton

Research Associate

Photo: Mary Louise Pratt

Mary Louise Pratt

Research Associate

Photo: Lean Sweeney

Lean Sweeney

Research Associate

Photo: Erin Zavitz

Erin Zavitz

Research Associate

Bosque School