Afro-Latinidad describes members of the African diaspora who were brought to Latin America and have since immigrated all over the world, bringing their culture with them. There are many culturally distinct practices and characteristic of Afro-Latinidad, each region having a diverse and rich manifestation of this cross-cultural identity. African cultural traditions have permeated Latin America for hundreds of years, some being obvious and others more subtle. Only recently have many countries begun to start the process of officially recognizing Latin Americans of African decent. Teaching about Afro-Latinidad is essential when teaching about Latin America.

During the 2020-21 school year, the LAII hosted the Institute’s first-ever teacher workshop series on Afro-Latinidad! Throughout the series, we discuss a variety of Afro-Latinx cultures across Latin America, a range of spiritual and cultural Afro-Latinx traditions, and a diverse selection of historical Afro-Latinx figures.

Workshop # 1: Cultural Traditions 

Workshop #2: Afro-Latinx Figures

Workshop #3: Afro-Mexicanidad