Ishtar Rosario Medina

Arts, Literature, & Culture

Photo: Ishtar  Medina

Ishtar V. Rosario Medina is a dedicated educator who possesses a profound enthusiasm for multilingual education and an unwavering commitment to cultivating inclusive learning environments. Having been raised in a bilingual household in Puerto Rico where English seamlessly intertwined with Spanish, Ishtar developed a genuine reverence for language and culture from an early age.


Ishtar's educational journey reflects an unrelenting pursuit of knowledge and a desire to empower students from diverse backgrounds. After a ten-year-long educational journey, she graduated summa cum laude from the University of New Mexico with a B.A. in Liberal Arts and a minor in TESOL. This experience ignited a thirst for higher education, prompting Ishtar to embark on a master's program in Latin American Studies. The enthusiasm for delving into the rich tapestry of Latin American cultures is epitomized by Ishtar's current endeavor to learn Portuguese through the FLAS scholarship. This linguistic endeavor is poised to unlock doors to Brazil's education systems, furthering research and enhancing teaching methodologies. With a fervor for multilingualism and an unwavering commitment to nurturing cultural diversity, Ishtar aims to guide students through transformative educational experiences.