Daniela Galvis

Conflict, Peace and Rights

Photo: Daniela  Galvis

Daniela comes from Sogamoso, Colombia, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages with a concentration in Education from the Technological and Pedagogical University of Colombia (UPTC). After completing her undergraduate studies, she pursued a postgraduate diploma in Project Management at the same university.

During her time at UPTC, Daniela had the opportunity to work in education and develop education plans for students in rural Colombia. This experience, combined with previous other experiences, sparked in Daniela a passion for empowering her community and learning better methods to support post-conflict Colombia.

Her interest in social justice, inequality, gender, and development policies extends beyond academia. These interests align well with her pursuit of challenges, especially in areas like gender equality and social injustice. Her affinity for activism and leadership corresponds seamlessly with potential research paths.

She has chosen the University Of New Mexico (UNM) due to its alignment with her ambitions, its ties to Latin America, its resources in Latin American culture, and the faculty’s extensive fields of research. She looks forward to engaging in opportunities to learn, volunteer, and explore the many facets of Latin American culture. She hopes to use these experiences to create a lasting connection to the Latin American community.

Daniela has been granted an assistantship by the Latin America & Iberian Institute (LAII) and will be supporting the Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections (CSWR) at Zimmerman Library.