Yann Kerevel

MA in Latin American Studies | 2006

Photo: Yann  Kerevel

Job : Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Lewis University
Location : Romeoville, Illinois

Yann Kerevel completed his Master's in Latin American Studies at UNM in 2006. He chose to pursue the MALAS degree at UNM in order to study his region of interest while exploring multiple academic disciplines in greater depth. After completing his MALAS degree, Yann decided to pursue a PhD in Political Science at UNM, which he earned in 2012. The interdisciplinary dimension of the Latin American Studies program helped solidify his interest in the field of political science and enabled him to establish a well-founded background in a particular region of the world which, according to Yann, would not have been achieved in another program. Furthermore, the LAS degree allowed Yann to develop knowledge in disciplines beyond the field of political science. In Yann's words, "Many academic employers look for individuals that are not only strong in their discipline but also have some interdisciplinary background. The types of academic jobs that are available after receiving a PhD are extremely diverse, and having both an LAS degree and a political science degree allowed me to apply to a wider variety of positions." Additionally, as a MALAS student Yann formed a network of friends and colleagues with whom he remains in contact today. He currently serves as an assistant professor at Lewis University, a small Catholic, liberal arts school outside Chicago. There he teaches courses in Latin American Politics, Comparative Government, American Government, International Relations, Political Violence, and a capstone course. In addition to his teaching, Yann is an active researcher and writer. His current research focuses on Mexican congressional behavior.