Shaun Haines

MA in Latin American Studies | 2009

Photo: Shaun  Haines

Job : JD Student, University of Chicago Law School
Location : Chicago, IL

Shaun Haines received his M.A. in Latin American Studies at UNM in 2009 and went on to begin a JD program at the University of Chicago Law School in 2013. He chose UNM specifically because of its LAS program and the faculty and staff who made him feel so welcome. In particular, he found Amanda Wolfe to be a tremendous asset. Shaun's experiences in the LAS program exposed him to ways of thinking and analyzing issues that were new to him, and which he continues to use in all aspects of his life. The MALAS degree provided him with the opportunity to conduct field research abroad and publish his work, which has been invaluable to him academically. Additionally, he believes that the opportunity to deepen his knowledge of Latin American history, politics, economics, and culture has made his regular travels to the region much richer and more rewarding than they would have been otherwise. After finishing law school, Shaun will be working for an international law firm in Miami that hired him in large part because of his knowledge of Latin America's culture and economy, as well as his language skills. His position will entail helping Latin American business clients solve problems and negotiate transactions, which he believes will help strengthen local economies in Latin America.