Raymond Craib

MA in Latin American Studies | 1994

Photo: Raymond  Craib

Job : Associate Professor in the Department of History, Cornell University
Location : Ithaca, NY

Raymond Craib chose UNM for his MALAS degree due to the offer of a graduate fellowship through the LAII and because when he visited the LAII while passing through Albuquerque one year, the entire staff was incredibly sweet, down-to-earth, and unpretentious. "I was pretty clueless about graduate school but I knew that day that UNM was the place for me." Raymond's undergraduate career had been pretty choppy and his post-BA life was a little unorthodox, so it was significant to him (and still is to this day) that the LAII took a chance on him with both an offer of admission and funding. At UNM, Raymond got a first-rate education from LAS faculty around the campus. His coursework in History and Literature as well as the quality of the professors changed his life and encouraged him to pursue his doctorate in Latin American History at Yale University, which he completed in 2001. "The LAII is a gem and when I advise students at Cornell who are interested in pursuing graduate studies in Latin American Studies, I encourage them to consider the LAII."