Larry Larrichio

MA in Latin American Studies; PhD in Latin American Studies | 2000; 2007

Photo: Larry  Larrichio

Job : Adjunct Professor, University of New Mexico
Location : Albuquerque, New Mexico

Larry Larrichio chose the LAS program at UNM because it offers a wide range of opportunities outside of the academic realm, where the job market is subject to periodic instability. "In my experience, students enrolled in the LAS program frequently bring a lot of practical experience to UNM: Peace Corps, volunteer work in domestic and international settings, community advocacy, strong Spanish language skills, etc. There are many opportunities that materialize for students that have completed an interdisciplinary program and who desire to forego an academic (teaching) career." As an interdisciplinary program, Larry believes LAS provides an opportunity to teach, utilizing a variety of perspectives. In his case, he utilizes archaeology, linguistics, ecology, and environmental studies to complement his research and the classes he teaches. "UNM's History and Anthropology Departments were outstanding and provided a first-class education for me - a non-traditional student completing the PhD at age 61. It opened an entirely new career for me." Recently, Larry was selected to be a visiting professor at La Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira in Colombia, where he will be teaching a mini-class this year. He has also been assisting faculty from UTEP in collaboration with the local Colombian Office of Cultural Affairs in planning a public history project which will focus on erecting "historical" markers along the 60 mile stretch of the sixteenth century Camino Real in the region, which was the central theme of his thesis. After the planning stage is completed, Larry would love to bring UNM students to Colombia to assist with this project.