Krista Savoca

MA in Latin American Studies/MBA | 2012

Photo: Krista  Savoca

Job : Program Manager, Anderson School of Management
Location : Albuquerque, NM

Krista Savoca graduated from the MALAS/MBA dual-degree program in Spring 2012. She chose to continue her education at UNM for several reasons, including funding opportunities, faculty associated with the program and Zimmerman Library, which houses one of the largest Latin American library collections in the country. The dual degree program between the LAS program and the Anderson School of Management also appealed to her as a way to expand her horizons and skill sets. According to Krista, "The LAS program offered such a variety of courses that allowed me to delve into diverse subject matter and gain a greater understanding of the history and culture of the region. Viewing subjects through differing lenses offers new insights and new perspectives. Meeting new people and finding these perspectives definitely shaped who I am and what my values are. It also taught me writing and research skills that I use in my everyday professional life." Currently, she serves as the LAII's Associate Director for Program Management, a position for which she oversees grant initiatives, supports the Latin American Studies program, coordinates the Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships, and provides assistance and input on broader research and program development.