Janine Fitzgerald

MA in Latin American Studies | 1990; 1996

Photo: Janine  Fitzgerald

Job : Professor of Sociology and Human Services and Environmental Studies, Fort Lewis College
Location : Durango, CO

Janine Fitzgerald completed her MA in Latin American Studies at UNM in 1990 and graduated with her PhD in Sociology from UNM in 1996. She chose to come to UNM because she was interested in Latin America. In 1986 at Colorado University at Boulder, she heard a woman speak of a women's empowerment group among the Maquiladoras in Juarez, with which Dr. Susan Tiano was involved. The LAS degree has deepened Janine's commitment to issues in Latin America, and has allowed her to travel extensively in the region. As a professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies at Fort Lewis College, she has had the opportunity to lead groups of students to live and teach in Mexico for 17 years. Her areas of interest include Latin American sociology, environmental sociology, and poetry and metaphor in social change and movements.