Brandt Milstein

MA in Latin American Studies/ JD | 2006

Photo: Brandt  Milstein

Job : Civil Rights Attorney, Milstein Law Office
Location : Boulder, CO

Brandt Milstein graduated from UNM in 2006, having completed a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies and a JD in Law. Brandt enrolled in UNM's dual degree program with Latin American Studies and Law out of a desire to gain a deeper understanding of Latin American society and to acquire the skills necessary to be of service to Latino immigrant communities in the US. He believes that the knowledge he gained via UNM's Latin American Studies program, through his studies in politics, sociology, and human rights law of Latin America, have served him well in his law practice on behalf of Latino immigrants in the United States. Currently, he is a civil rights attorney licensed to practice law in Colorado and New Mexico. He specializes in representing immigrant workers in class and collective actions through the Milstein Law Office, where he litigates in state and federal court to make sure that workers are paid all the wages they are due.