Alexandra Blodget

MA in Latin American Studies | 2012

Photo: Alexandra  Blodget

Job : Accredited Representative, Catholic Charities of Oregon
Location : Portland, OR

Alexandra Blodget graduated from UNM having completed a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies in 2012. Alex came to UNM because of a desire to live in New Mexico and because the LAS program interested her. Upon entering the program, Alex was awarded a Graduate Assistantship. In her words: "The knowledge I gained through the MALAS program is invaluable to me both professionally and personally. In particular, I think the multidisciplinary aspect of the program is its greatest strength. My concentrations were in economics and human rights, so I had the opportunity to study each issue from many perspectives, including political science, law, history, and economics. This academic format teaches you how to think more deeply and complexly about each particular issue, both during your degree and afterward. I currently work with immigrants, mostly from Latin America, and what I learned from the MALAS program has provided me a better understanding of the historical, economic, and cultural background of the regions where they are from." Currently, Alex works at a nonprofit immigration legal services agency as an accredited representative, helping people to prepare their immigration cases. She was hired shortly after the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program started in 2012, so she works with a lot of "Dreamers," which, according to her, "is terrific. Immigration is a fascinating and complex field, and the knowledge and analytical skills I learned during my MALAS degree definitely enhance what I do on a daily basis."