Alejandro Mendiaz-Rivera

BA in Latin American Studies and Spanish | 2012

Photo: Alejandro  Mendiaz-Rivera

Job : Project Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs, UNM
Location : Albuquerque, NM

Alejandro Mendiaz-Rivera graduated from UNM in 2012, having completed his Bachelor's in Latin American Studies and Spanish. Mendiaz-Rivera chose to attend UNM because, he boasts, "it's the best institution in the state" and because of the tuition support he received through the NM Legislative Lottery Scholarship. He notes, "Personally, the Latin American Studies degree helped me understand my roots, and professionally, it's helped me immensely because right now I help coordinate a Latin American outreach program for the Vice President of Student Affairs. It has helped me be successful because I better understand how to have communication with my counterparts in Latin America, and the background of the students we seek to recruit." Currently, Alejandro assists the UNM Vice President of Student Affairs with conferences, different types of programming, and the creation of special programs to recruit Latin American students to the university. He is pursuing a Master's in Public Administration with a concentration in public management at UNM. Upon graduation, he plans to continue with his doctorate and remain in the field of student affairs.