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Brazilian Artist Mônica Nador Addresses Shared Authorship

April 14, 2014

Join the Tamarind Institute and the Latin American & Iberian Institute on Thursday, April 17, 2014, at 5:30 p.m. in the Tamarind Gallery for a special presentation with invited artist and lecturer Mônica Nador. For reference, see the event flyer or press release.

Nador is an accomplished and inventive Brazilian artist who lives and works in the favelas on the periphery of São Paulo, Brazil. In 2003 she founded the Jardim Miriam Arte Club (JAMAC), a nonprofit organization, in response to the lack of options for art and cultural centers in the southern outskirts of São Paulo. It started as an open studio dedicated to the local population where free art workshops were offered with the intent of promoting an actual transformation in the community. The idea followed up on Nador's ongoing project Paredes Pinturas, created in 1998, which proposes the artistic painting of houses in the city outskirts. Nador is internationally recognized for her work in the community, both for the efforts of JAMAC as well as for her publicly-gripping large, colorful stenciling on the public walls of the favelas. Her work has appeared in public and private venues around the world.

Funded by a grant from the City of Albuquerque's Urban Enhancement Trust Fund, Nador was invited to Tamarind to offer a workshop for students participating in Working Classroom's visual arts after school program. Assisted by Tamarind students, Working Classroom's students will create lithographs, and screenprinted banners that will be hung in the two-story front window of Tamarind's new, high-profile building facing Central Avenue in the middle of the city's Cultural Corridor.