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Student Funding

At the LAII we're committed to supporting students whose scholarship focuses on Latin America. This means not only that we support the students in the Latin American Studies (LAS) program, but also that we fund students in other departments all across campus.

In 2016-17 alone, we awarded over $675,500 in funding to students across campus. In that same year, 67% of our LAS students received substantive financial aid through resources like graduate assistantships (GA), teaching assistantships (TA), Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships, and in-state tuition waivers. We also provided funding for research through our field research grants (FRGs)

We invite you to learn more about our funding opportunities below.

Undergraduate Funding

Graduate Funding

Note that FLAS Fellowships, Field Research Grants, and PhD Fellowships are open to students in any discipline (including LAS students); all other funding is reserved for students in the LAS program.