Expectations for Acknowledgment

The Latin American and Iberian Institute at UNM requires funding recipients to formally acknowledge the Institute's role in supporting their scholarly research.

The expectation is that recipients expressly acknowledge LAII support in any resulting published or presented work (posters, papers, theses, dissertations, white papers, and the like) and, to the extent possible, any publicity resulting from successful research funding, for a period of five years following the completion of the research. The LAII deeply appreciates acknowledgment beyond the five year period in any presented work resulting from the LAII funding.

Recipients should continue to acknowledge seed funding from the LAII even after additional funding has been awarded. Acknowledgment allows the LAII to demonstrate to donors that the funds are used to successfully further academic research. This helps the LAII in securing funding to support field research opportunities for other scholars.

Poster displays and presentations should include the LAII logo, which may be requested by contacting us directly at laiioutreach@unm.edu.