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Josué Aciego


Photo: Josué  Aciego

Language of Study : K’iche’ Maya

Graduate of the MA in Latin American Studies program at UNM and a current PhD student in Anthropology, Josué Aciego was awarded a 2017-2018 Academic Year FLAS Fellowship to study K’iche’ Maya. Josué grew up in a migrant community in the United States. And, after many years of working with his community as well as with grassroots organizations and public institutions in Central America, Mexico and throughout the U.S., He is pursuing research in the areas of human rights, migrant studies, border studies, and anthropological linguistics. As a current doctoral student, Josué focuses on Central American history, political and economic systems, and issues concerning Central American migrants in the Mexican borderlands. This research will allow him to acquire a deeper analysis of social problems facing disadvantaged populations and provide insight on how to better serve these communities.