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Richard File-Muriel

  • Associate Professor
  • Director of Graduate Studies Department of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Spanish and Portuguese

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Photo: Richard  File-Muriel

Associate Professor Richard File-Muriel received an appointment in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at The University of New Mexico in 2010. Dr. File-Muriel is the department’s director for Graduate Studies. He offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses for Latin American Studies students. File-Muriel’s classes help students improve writing skills in Spanish, gain a strong understanding of the phonological processes in the Spanish language, and learn basic concepts of phonetics and phonology, among others skills. His research focuses on how frequency of use impacts the production and perception of language, and includes an emphasis on research methodology, such as the quantification of lexical frequency and how the composition of a corpus can influence lexical frequency counts.


  • PhD in Hispanic Linguistics, Indiana University Bloomington (2007)
  • MA in Hispanic Linguistics, Indiana University Bloomington (2001)
  • BA in Spanish, Illinois State University (1999)

Research Areas

  • Spanish Phonology
  • Colombian Varieties Of Spanish
  • Lexical Frequency
  • Sound Patterns
  • Language Change

Latin American Studies Courses

  • SPAN 350 Spanish Phonetics
  • SPAN 302 Developing Spanish Writing Skills
  • SPAN 545 Spanish Phonology
  • SPAN 549 Seminar: Adv T: Spanish Phonology

*Latin America-related courses offered during the past three years*