Fiore Bran Aragón

Anthropology and Human Rights

Photo: Fiore  Bran Aragón

Research Title : Between the state of Exception and the possibilities of integration: Indigenous Warao Migrants in the face of immigration in postcolonial Brazil

Fiore Stella Bran Aragón is a Latin American Studies master’s student (concentrations: Anthropology and Human Rights) with a thesis project entitled “Between the state of Exception and the possibilities of integration: Indigenous Warao migrants in the face of immigration policies in postcolonial Brazil.” Her research consists of a qualitative analysis of Brazilian migration policy, specifically the State legal response to the massive arrival of Warao indigenous from Venezuela in Pacaraima, Roraima, since 2014. Her goal is to analyze integration initiatives with an intercultural approach carried out by Warao migrants and local agents in the face of the vacuum of the Brazilian law regarding indigenous migrants’ legal protections. Those initiatives will be analyzed as evidence of the Warao agency against exclusionary migration policies and as samples of the relevance of local integration policies for indigenous migrants in postcolonial nation-states.