Suzanne Oakdale

    Associate Professor, Anthropology

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Photo: Suzanne  Oakdale

Dr. Suzanne Oakdale received an appointment in the Department of Anthropology at The University of New Mexico in 1998. She offers several undergraduate and graduate level courses for Latin American Studies students, with topics such as ritual activity and its contemporary significance, theory in ethnology, identity construction in contemporary, “multicultural” Brazil, highland and lowland peoples of South America, and others. Oakdale specializes in Brazil, with research focused on Amazonian indigenous peoples. She explores the dynamics of ritual practice; history; and the social anthropology of the person and personal experience, particularly how these genres reflect and are used to address large scale social shifts.


  • PhD in Anthropology, University of Chicago (1996)
  • MA in Anthropology, University of Chicago (1987)
  • AB in Anthropology, College of the University of Chicago (1985)

Research Areas

  • Autobiographical Narrative
  • Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon
  • Personhood and Agency
  • Ritual and Religion
  • Sociocultural Anthropology

Country Specialization(s)

  • Brazil

Latin American Studies Courses

*Latin America-related courses offered during the past three years*

  • UHON 301 Seminar: Indigenous South America
  • ANTH 333/533 Ritual Symbols and Behavior
  • ANTH 547 Theory in Ethnology II
  • ANTH 340/530 T: Peoples of Brazil
  • ANTH 332/532 Indigenous Peoples of South America