Patricia Covarrubias

    Professor, Chicana and Chicano Studies

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Photo: Patricia  Covarrubias

Dr. Patricia Covarrubias received an appointment in the Department of Communication and Journalism at The University of New Mexico in 2005. Covarrubias’ teaching philosophy is grounded in the premise that education implicates knowing how to use the whole of oneself. As such, her teaching objectives involve helping students learn to use their human totality—intellect, emotions, and spirit—in the process of learning. Further, her research goals include contributing to ethnographic research methods, cultural and intercultural communication, language and social interaction, metaphors as communication, cultural/intercultural communication in health contexts, racialized communication, and the much understudied communicative aspect of communicative silence. She regularly addresses these topics with undergraduate and graduate students in courses focused on intercultural communication.


  • PhD in Cultural/Intercultural Communication, University of Washington (1999)
  • MA in French language and Literature, California State University (1978)
  • BA in French Language and Literature, California State University (1973)

Research Areas

  • Communication Theory
  • Cultural and Intercultural Communication
  • Ethnography of Communication
  • Global Metaphors
  • Language, Thought, Behavior
  • Qualitative Research Methods

Country Specialization(s)

  • Mexico

Latin American Studies Courses

*Latin America-related courses offered during the past three years*

  • CJ 314 Intercultural Communication
  • CJ 514 Seminar: Intercultural Communication
  • CCS 393/493/593 Culture and Chicana/o Communication
  • CCS 593 Cracking Chicana/o Codes
  • CJ 393 Cultural World Symbols