Michael Lechuga

    Assistant Professor, Communication and Journalism

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Photo: Michael  Lechuga

Dr. Michael Lechuga researches and teaches Latina/o/x Studies Communication Studies, Rhetoric, Migration and Settler Colonialism Studies, and Affect Studies. His research explores the ways migrants and migrant communities are subjected to austere migration control structures and white nationalist ideologies in the United States. His current research focuses on the role that technology plays in border security assemblages and the ways alienhood is mapped onto migrant bodies through contemporary mechanisms of white-settler governance. In addition, Dr. Lechuga is interested in Latina/o/x Futurism, Surveillance Studies, and Film Studies. His research in this area illuminates the complex relationships between Hollywood alien invasion film industries  and the industries tasked with securing the México/U.S. border.



  • Ph.D., Communication Studies, University of Denver
  • M.A., Communication Studies, University of Texas at El Paso

Research Areas

  • Latina/o/x Futurism, Surveillance Studies, and Film Studies
  • Communication Studies
  • Migration and Settler Colonialism Studies
  • Rhetoric and Affect Studies