Manuel García y Griego

    Associate Professor, History
    Director of UNM Land Grant Studies Program

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Photo: Manuel  García y Griego

Dr. Manuel García y Griego teaches in the Department of History and is the Director of the UNM Land Grant Studies Program. He teaches courses on post-revolutionary Mexico, New Mexico history since 1848, US politics since 1787, and international migration and US policy since 1820. Additionally, García y Griego has a focus on Mexico and is interested in Mexican foreign policy, Mexican-US relations, border security, Mexican emigration policy, and Mexican immigration. His research is multidisciplinary, and includes the fields of Latin American Studies, Chicano/a Studies, demography, ethnic politics, and public policy. In 2017, García y Griego was invited by the Université Stendhal – Grenoble III in France to serve on a doctoral committee and to present as part of their seminar on migration and borders. 


  • PhD in History, University of California, Los Angeles (1988)
  • MA Demography, El Colegio de Mexico (1980)
  • AB in History, Princeton University (1973)

Research Areas

  • Border and Migration Policies
  • Land Grants
  • Mexican Foreign Policy
  • Mexico-US Relations
  • Political History

Country Specialization(s)

  • Mexico

Latin American Studies Courses

*Latin America-related courses offered during the past three years*

  • HIST 300/500 Post Revolutionary Mexico
  • HIST 682 Seminar: Land, Peoples, and Government in the US West, Colonial Times to the Present