Jennifer Tucker

    Assistant Professor, Community and Regional Planning

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Photo: Jennifer  Tucker

Dr. Jennifer Tucker received an appointment in the Department of Community and Regional Planning program in the UNM School of Architecture and Planning in 2016. Tucker specializes in Latin American Development Planning and teaches in the Community Development and Indigenous Planning concentrations. She offers undergraduate and graduate level courses that explore the concepts, models and perspectives of community development practice; schools of thought about development in Latin America; and race, racism and dominant understandings of security as forces that shape contemporary cities. Tucker is a critical planning scholar and uses feminist ethnography to study urban work, collective action, and the politics of development. 


  • PhD in City & Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley (2016)
  • MPP, MA in Public Policy and International & Area Studies, University of California, Berkeley (2010)
  • BS in Biology, Bradley University (2000)

Research Areas

  • Collective Action
  • Environmental, Labor, and Racial Justice
  • Feminist Ethnography
  • Latin American Development Planning
  • Politics of Development
  • Urban Work

Country Specialization(s)

  • Paraguay
  • Latin America

Latin American Studies Courses

*Latin America-related courses offered during the past three years*

  • CRP 531 Foundations of Community Development
  • CRP 578 Latin American Development Planning
  • CRP 470 Policing & Planning: Race and Security in Global Cities
  • CRP 474/574 Cultural Aspects of Planning: Race, Place, and Power
  • CRP 578 Development and Latin America
  • LTAM 500; CRP 570 Spaces of Citizenship and Claims-Making