Francisco Galarte

    Assistant Professor of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, American Studies

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Photo: Francisco  Galarte

Francisco J. Galarte is an Assistant Professor of American Studies and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of New Mexico where he teaches courses in Chicanx, Latinx and transgender studies. He was born and raised in Brawley, California located in the Imperial Valley along the US/Mexico Border and identifies strongly as a transfronterizo, meaning that the borderlands inform his creative and scholarly projects.  His most recent articles have appeared in publications including Aztlan: Journal of Chicano Studies, Chicana/Latina Studies Journal and TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly.  He has been involved with TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly since the journal’s inception in 2011 and served as the Fashion Editor from 2012-2018 and since 2018 has served as co-general editor of the journal. 

His research brings transgender studies, Chicanx studies, Latinax studies, and queer studies into critical dialogue. His primary scholarly agenda is to examine the relationship between systems of racial formation and the lived experiences and cultural representations of racialized transgendered subjects. His first book, Brown Trans Figurations: Rethinking Race, Gender and Sexuality in Chicanx/Latinx Studies  (forthcoming University of Texas Press), explores how transgender analytics intervene or fail to intervene in the current reading practices that exist in Chicana/o Studies for making sense of processes of racialization, gendered violence, queer sexualities, masculinities and femininities.


  • PhD in Educational Policy Studies, minor in Latina and Latino Studies, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

Research Areas

  • Women, Gender and Sexuality studies
  • Queer Studies
  • Transgender Studies
  • Chicanx Studies
  • Latinx Studies

Country Specialization(s)

  • US-Mexico Borderlands