Eleuterio Santiago-Díaz

    Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

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Photo: Eleuterio  Santiago-Díaz

Dr. Eleuterio Santiago-Díaz received an appointment in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at The University of New Mexico in 2003. Offering undergraduate and graduate level courses, Santiago-Díaz’s classes have centered on intersecting themes salient in Spanish Caribbean artistic productions, representations of crisis and social violence in Latin American literature, and modernism as a literary movement, among other topics. He specializes in Latin American literature, with an emphasis on Afro-Hispanic literature and cultural production in the 20th century, and his scholarship examines the discourse of black authors from the Caribbean and its diaspora in light of critical theories on race, writing, and modernity. He is the author of Escritura afropuertorriqueña y modernidad (Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana/University of Pittsburgh, 2007). In the book and other articles, he examines critical moments in the reflection of Puerto Rican intellectuals on the subjects of race, nation and modernity, and develops a theory of the ellipsis as a tactical figure for the understanding of Afro-Puerto Rican and Afro-Hispanic writing. In other articles, he has focused on Puerto Rican and Latin American writers in the U.S. to examine the discourses through which they negotiate conflicting racial and national paradigms across cultural borders.


  • PhD in Hispanic Studies, Brown University (2003)
  • MA in Spanish, University of California at Santa Barbara (1990)
  • BA in Anthropology and Geography, University of Puerto Rico (1980)

Research Areas

  • Critical Theories of Race, Writing, and Modernity
  • Hispanic Caribbean and Afro-Hispanic Literature and Culture
  • Latin American Poetry
  • US Latino Caribbean Literature

Country Specialization(s)

  • Caribbean
  • Puerto Rico

Latin American Studies Courses

*Latin America-related courses offered during the past three years*

  • SPAN 439 T: Lit & Art of the Caribbean
  • SPAN 439 The Plague in Latin American Literature
  • SPAN 433 Modern Spanish American Poetry
  • SPAN 439 Afro-Caribbean Literature
  • SPAN 432 Spanish American Literature Survey II
  • SPAN 639 Caribbean Literature