Angelica Serna Jerí

    Assistant Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
    Assistant Professor, Latin American Studies

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Photo: Angelica Serna Jerí

Dr. Angelica Serna Jerí is a scholar of indigenous languages and cultures in Latin America with a focus on the Andean region and the Quechua language family. Her scholarship and teaching meet at the intersection of indigenous studies, postcolonial theory & subaltern studies, digital humanities and material culture. Her research on the material aspect of writing uses a transhistoric and ethnographic approach, reaching from the Precolumbian times to the present. She grew up drawn to storytelling and history in a Quechua-Spanish bilingual family, and has an interest in the dynamic relationship between writing and verbal art, how the spoken experience articulates with text, including the affective aspects of archives. She has a research project focused on the role of indigenous speakers in the emergence of literacy in the colonial period, with emphasis on the Andes and the Quechua language family. 


  • Ph.D., University of Michigan, Department of Romance Languages & Literatures
  • B.A., Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Departamento de Humanidades, Literatura Latinoamericana

Research Areas

  • Indigenous languages in Latin American literature and culture
  • Archives & ethnography
  • Quechua language family
  • Material culture
  • Indigenous cartography in the Americas