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Library Resources: LAII Reading Room


The LAII Reading Room is a multi-use library and conference room located in the LAII main office at 801 Yale Blvd NE. Its library resources entail a collection cataloged apart from UNM's University Libraries. Materials are not currently available for check-out, but visitors are invited to browse the collection Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Within the LAII Reading Room, materials are grouped within the following categories:

  • LAII-Affiliated Scholarship
    A space in the LAII Reading Room is dedicated to works produced by LAII-affiliated faculty, students, alumni, visiting scholars and researchers, and independent scholars. The space reflects the LAII's academic breadth and depth by displaying tangible copies of the works produced by its academic community. This collection encourages visitors to become familiar with and interact with LAII-affiliated scholarship.
  • LAII K-12 Curricula and Resources
    We have dedicated several shelves in the Reading Room to exhibit K-12 curricula and related resources produced by the LAII to support teaching about Latin America throughout elementary, middle, and high school grades. Our collection of Vamos a Leer educator's guides are also on display, along with copies of the accompanying novels.
  • Karl Schwerin Collection
    The Karl Schwerin Collection is an interdisciplinary collection of approximately 1,500 titles. Dr. Karl Schwerin is Professor Emeritus at UNM, where he taught for thirty eight years in the Department of Anthropology. His areas of specialization included cultural change and ecological adaptation in Venezuela, Ecuador, Honduras, and Mexico, with an additional focus on populations of indigenous people at the time of contact. The resources in the collection benefit Latin Americanist student and faculty researchers in many fields, including anthropology, history, and ethno-history, and is particularly useful for research involving indigenous peoples.


In addition to the collections mentioned above, other materials are temporarily displayed in the LAII Reading Room and LAII lobby. Visitors are encouraged to browse the space to see engaging, transitory exhibits related to the special collections in UNM's University Libraries, LAII resources for K-12 educators, and scholarship tied to LAII-sponsored events.