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Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop for K-12 Teachers

Date:  Wednesday 25, January, 2017

Presenter:   The first half of the workshop was led by Dr. Ricky Lee Allen, Associate Professor in the UNM College of Education, who provided a brief overview of Paulo Freire’s life (1921-1997), historical context, and major ideas. The second half of the evening was led by UNM graduate student María José Ramos, who provided an overview of Theatre of the Oppressed and offered concrete examples of the ways in which it has been used to address issues in communities and K-12 classrooms. Participants had the chance to participate in hands-on demonstrations.

Description:   Based on the work of Brazilian educator and activist Paulo Freire, Theatre of the Oppressed was developed by Brazilian dramatist and activist Augusto Boal who sought, in his words, to “turn non-actors into actors, in the theater, and in society.” The practice is intended to engage with and empower communities.

For reference, please see the event flyer.