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Roberto Elvira Mathez: MundoVilla - Participatory Journalism in the Villas Miserias (Marginal Neighborhoods) of Buenos Aires


Date:  Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Presenter:  Roberto Elvira Mathez is an academic liaison for MundoVilla. MundoVilla is an Argentine nonprofit that operates a radio program and newspaper outlets which allow the organization to promote participatory journalism among youth and adults of the Villas Miserias in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The organization takes as its mission the divulgation of other realities and the stimulation of social integration. As part of its engagement with the residents of the Villas Miserias, MundoVilla holds regular journalism workshops to offering training so that the residents, and particularly youth, may speak about their own experiences and promote positive change in their communities.

Description:  This presentation discusses MundoVilla and explains its methods for training new journalists in the Villas Miserias (the Argentine term for marginal neighborhoods, or what are more colloquially known as "slums").

Image: Roberto and his brother, Javier, at Roberto's presentation at the LAII.

For reference, please see the event flyer.