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Mariana Sierra

Spanish and Portuguese

Photo: Mariana  Sierra

Research Title : Democracy and Literature in Brazil: Multiple Perspectives

Mariana Sierra, PhD student in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, traveled to Brazil in 2018 to examine how contemporary Brazilian literature elaborates the relationship between cultural imaginaries and the “democratic recession” after President Dilma Rousseff was ousted from office in 2016. Mariana explores how contemporary literary works, specifically the poetic anthologies Vinagre (2013) and Golpe,antologia manifesto (2016), constitute spaces for contestation, discussion and reflection of the current political situation in Brazil. These poetic works represent an interruption of a political mainstream supported by the elites, the media, and the political establishments, that can be called a democracy. Mariana’s research strives to better understand how this concept works through cultural production, how these anthologies were produced, and how other democratic spaces are being constructed in the Brazilian cultural sphere to have have a better reading of democracy as a cultural discourse.