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Dylan Maynard


Photo: Dylan  Maynard

Research Title : Violence, National Identity, and the Right in Buenos Aires, 1976-1983

Dylan Maynard, a PhD student in the Department of History, traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the summer of 2018 to examine how and why military institutions and right-wing organizations attempted to construct Argentina’s political future through violent acts, how such acts were viewed in a wider cultural context, and how violence shaped and contested national identity during the Dirty War. His research builds on existing scholarship analyzing the connection between violence during the Dirty War and the role of right-wing organizations in constructing politicized ideas of the nation. He contributes to this literature an analysis of the relationships between political ideology, power, gender, human bodies, and how they were defined through violence. Dylan hopes his research will inform understandings of how violence works to construct national identities and how violent acts are interconnected with mass cultural renderings of gender, political systems, and power, especially within authoritarian regimes.