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André Nascimiento

Spanish and Portuguese

Photo: André  Nascimiento

Research Title : Dictatorship and its Legacies to the LGBTTIQ Community in Argentina and Uruguay: The Case of Invisibility and the Reaction Proposed by Literature and the Archives

André Nascimento, MA student in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay in 2018 to examine how literature and works of memory challenge official history and reveal contradictions between discourse and actions during the military regime in Argentina (1976-1983) and Uruguay (1973-1985), specifically in its persecution against sexual and gender identity minorities. His research focuses on the memory sites Memoria Abierta in Buenos Aires and Museo de la Memoria in Montevideo that contest official history that silences the oppression faced by sexual minorities. He argues that these sites produce a social unrest through the denouncement and the claim that sexual minorities perform aiming at being actively incorporated to the cultural and historical imaginary of these countries. Visiting these sites helped André frame a broader conjuncture of human rights violations faced by LGBTTIQ communities in the Southern Cone.