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Merle Garcia

Administrative Assistant

Photo: Merle  Garcia

As the LAII's Administrative Assistant, alongside basic office duties, Merle takes care of scheduling, purchases, timekeeping, supervising LAII student employees and offering any other assistance needed. As he explains, I actually got my BA here at UNM in Art History and Psychology with my main focus on Native American art, particularly Navajo weaving. I was trying for a degree in Pharmacy but Organic Chemistry and Human Anatomy just weren't my forte. During my years at school here at UNM, I worked as an office assistant with the Dept of Anthropology and Student Services. Those were better jobs after having to step in oatmeal or farina  dropped on the floor at my prior job with UNM Children's Campus almost on a daily basis.  I've worked with other offices in the Four Corners region before returning here to work with LAII. I'm hoping to work on my masters while I'm here.  In all my experiences, I found teamwork, open-mindedness and a sense of humor to be key components in my line of work. I try to make sure everyone in my department is smiling and happy. In my spare time, I make jewelry and draw and, of course, I try to take advantage of the wonders NM has to offer in its museums, galleries and nature. If I'm not out doing that, then I'm spending time with friends and family or babysitting my little monsters aka my two nieces who never fail to make me laugh.