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M. Robyn Côté

Program Manager

Photo: M. Robyn  Côté

Robyn works with the LAII’s  international initiatives, which broadly includes establishing partnerships with universities in Latin America and Iberia, managing international agreements, and recruiting international students.  In particular, much of her time involves supporting the Ecuadorian Doctoral Training Program and collaborating closely with the Global Education Office and UNM’s New Mexico Trade and Higher Education Center in Mexico City to get the word out about scholarship opportunities for both incoming and outgoing students. Alongside these duties, Robyn also supports UNM faculty who are interested in taking students abroad and serves on UNM’s Health and Safety Committee.  Lastly, she helps with grant proposals and identifies new grant and funding opportunities for the Institute. She’s been at the LAII since 1995 and at UNM since 1980.  She has a BA in Anthropology and Art History and MA in Pre-Colombian Art History.  She loves visiting archaeological sites and travels as much as she can.  She avidly enjoys nature, seeking it out through camping, hiking, organic gardening, and plein air painting New Mexico’s beautiful landscapes.