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Keira Philipp-Schnurer

Supervisor of Community Education Programs

Photo: Keira  Philipp-Schnurer

Keira oversees the LAII's community education programs and marketing. She coordinates academic lectures and symposia for the campus community, professional development workshops for K-12 educators, and cultural events for the general public.  Along the way, she also handles the institute's social media, print and digital communications channels. She holds a dual master's degree in Latin American Studies and Community and Regional Planning from UNM.  After seven years in the position, Keira has a deep appreciation for Albuquerque's vibrant cultural resources and extensive connections to Latin America. She approaches her work with an emphasis on participatory processes and collaborative planning, with an overall mindset of contributing to community autonomy.  When not in the office, she indulges in a love of reading and all things feline, wanders the botanic gardens, and enjoys local brews (coffee and pints).