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People: Student Organization for Latin American Studies

The Student Organization for Latin American Studies (SOLAS) is an independent organization composed of both undergraduate and graduate students at UNM who have an interest in Latin America. SOLAS engages in academic, activist, and social activities.

The organization represents both undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in Latin American Studies as well as those conducting research in the region. As an independent student-run entity, SOLAS advocates for the interests of its members along with our student affiliates before the university administration.

It is our mission to increase awareness about Latin American issues and cultural happenings through the facilitation of intellectual dialogue by supporting engaging events and hosting an interactive website. SOLAS additionally works with UNM and local Albuquerque organizations to promote a shared sense of community and solidarity with socio-cultural movements rooted in or related to Latin America.

View the constitution and bylaws here.


SOLAS officers are:

  • President, Jacqueline Kramer,, MALAS '17
  • Vice President, Kalyn Finnell,, MALAS/CRP '18
  • Coordinator, Alin Badillo-Carillo,, MALAS '18
  • Secretary, TBD September 2016
  • Treasurer, TBD September 2016
  • Representative to the GPSA, TBD September 2016
  • LAII Executive Committee Representative, Logan Shea,, MALAS '17
  • LAII Grants and Awards Committee Representative, Kalyn Finnell,, MALAS '17
  • LAII Operations Committee Representative, Elizabeth Lake,, BALAS '16
  • Undergraduate Representative, TBD September 2016

Website - SOLASUNM

SOLAS hosts a website which aims to be both a forum for UNM community expression and a way to stay informed about events and research concerning Latin America.

UNM students and alumni have the opportunity to contribute articles about their research, academic and travel experiences, or other events related to Latin American and Iberian Studies. The website also serves as a reference for Latin America related events on campus and in the Albuquerque community. UNM students and alumni are encouraged to submit an opinion piece, photograph(s), research driven article, or commentary on local, national, and international events. If you are an organization or an individual hosting an event pertaining to Latin America within the Albuquerque area, inform us at and we will post it on our events page.


SOLAS sponsors a listserve that provides information about job opportunities, funding sources, conferences, and information about local cultural and political events relating to Latin America. To sign up for the free listserve, send an e-mail to

SOLAS Presents: Speaker Series

During the Fall and Spring semesters, SOLAS hosts students, activist, scholars, and faculty to present their experiences and research. The events are open to the UNM and Albuquerque community. This is an excellent opportunity to network and learn about current issues in Latin America and the Albuquerque area. Please refer to the SOLAS website as well as LAII's Events page for information on upcoming events sponsored by SOLAS.

Sin Fronteras Film Festival

The Sin Fronteras (Without Borders) Film Festival was started by SOLAS in 2005. It is the first New Mexico festival to exclusively feature Latino films and filmmakers. The festival presents films, documentaries, animations and short films with the purpose of increasing awareness of Hispanic culture and Latin American affairs in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For more information about the Sin Fronteras Film Festival, visit the SOLAS website.

LIMON: Latin American and Iberian Multidisciplinary Opinion Newsletter

Until 2013, SOLAS regularly produced issues of its student newsletter, LIMON. Although the purpose and spirit of the newsletter has now been transformed into the SOLAS website, we have digitized many of the past issues for posterity. Issues from 2000 (Summer) to 2013 (Summer) are available for review.