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People: Operations Committee

The Operations Committee consists of six or more faculty members and one student member elected by SOLAS which elects its own chair. Members are chosen by the Executive Committee from a list of individuals who volunteer or are nominated to serve for a period of one year. The purpose of this committee is to facilitate community engagement in the area of Latin American Studies via the generous funding from the state of New Mexico and the USDE Title VI program. This committee receives and processes requests for funds for programs, public events, lectures and conferences. It also solicits and reviews manuscripts submitted by graduate students and faculty for the LAII Research Paper Series. Finally, the Operations Committee advises the UNM Libraries Latin American Collections and oversees the Visiting Library Researcher program funded by the Greenleaf Visiting Scholar Fund. Service on this committee offers members the opportunity to make an impact for UNM in Latin American Studies scholarship and outreach, both nationally and internationally.

Allison Borden
Educational Leadership
Barbara Reyes
Devon Lara
SOLAS Representative
Latin American and Iberian Institute
Harold Toro-Tulla
Jackie Kramer
Latin American and Iberian Institute
Michael Alan Ryan
Miguel Lopez
Spanish & Portuguese
Rosa Vallejos Yopan
Linguistics, Spanish & Portuguese
Suzanne Schadl
Inter-American Studies Program, University Libraries