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The LAII connects scholars within and beyond UNM who have shared areas of interest. We work with scholars of Mexico, Central America, South America, the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, Spain, and Portugal. From faculty and students, to K-12 educators and members of the general public. Ours is a diverse and dedicated community.

Faculty Funding

Over 120 faculty members at UNM work in Latin America and Iberia.

Undergraduate Funding

We bring together students from across campus whose research and studies pertain to Latin America and Iberia. 

Graduate Funding
Associated Researchers

Various US and international scholars are affiliated with the LAII.

Visiting Research Funding

LAS alumni have held positions as city planners, data analysts, economists, health care workers, lawyers, immigrant rights activists, and teachers, among others.

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Professional Staff

While the LAII is powered by a broad community of faculty, students, and staff across campus, our primary programs are overseen by professional staff housed in our office.