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Marygold Walsh-Dilley

  • Assistant Professor
  • Honors College

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Photo: Marygold  Walsh-Dilley

Assistant Professor Marygold Walsh-Dilley received an appointment in the Honors College at The University of New Mexico in 2015. She offers undergraduate courses that explore the social, political, and historical factors that shape our diet, indigenous rebels and fighters who resisted Spanish colonization in the Andean region, and the interplay between indigenous peoples and globalization. Her research geographically centers in Bolivia and conceptually focuses on the political economy of rural development, peasant and indigenous farming systems, food and agriculture, and the lived experiences and local negotiations of global social and agrarian change.


  • PhD in Development Sociology, Cornell University (2012)
  • MS in Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University (2005)
  • BA in International and Comparative Policy Studies, Reed College (1999)

Research Areas

  • Rural Development
  • Food And Agricultural Systems
  • Indigenous Politics
  • Social Theory

Country Specialization(s)

  • Bolivia

Latin American Studies Courses

  • UHON 301 Food and Society
  • UHON 121 Legacy of Rebellion
  • UHON 401 Indigenous Peoples and Globalization

*Latin America-related courses offered during the past three years*